Since our inception in 1908, Kelso-Burnett has been a leader in providing high-quality electrical services to businesses in the commercial industry. Our distinguished reputation has given rise to many commercialized projects within the Midwest and beyond. Whether we’re working on the design/build of a new corporate headquarters or installations and modernizations for an existing facility, we have the expertise necessary to carry out your vision while providing unique and valuable benefits.


Casino/Gaming projects come with their own unique set of challenges. First, they are hospitality spaces with all the architectural detail and finishes that accompany buildings of this type. But the gaming component adds in both critical power and data elements, along with other systems like enhanced security and access controls, which align them closer to institutional or even healthcare levels of complexity. Kelso-Burnett has assisted in the development of many casino/gaming locations and has earned a reputation for being a leader in the electrical and technology markets for these projects.


We have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of retail businesses in the Midwest. Our services range from complete store renovations to installing generators, low voltage and voice data systems, and our service offerings continue to expand. Whatever your need, Kelso-Burnett is dedicated to helping you meet your goals, while ensuring a high level of safety and work efficiency for your retail organization.

Multi-Story Construction

Kelso-Burnett’s services include full design-build for new construction and renovations specializing in hospitality, residential, and multi-use mid to high-rise buildings. In addition to design-build Kelso-Burnett has also offered installation and renovations of existing emergency generator controls and switchgear. Whether it is a VA facility, high-rise building, or student housing, We are proud to serve any multi-story construction project while keeping customer service and safety as our top priority.


For decades, we have served the complete electrical needs of companies in a variety of industrial settings. We have upgraded plants with equipment and techniques to modernize operations, shrink energy costs and facilitate work efficiency. We have also provided services ranging from installing high voltage to converting DC to AC motors. Safe and efficient working conditions are a Kelso-Burnett trademark, and we always schedule according to the needs of our clients. We wish to ensure that our clients’ establishments are technologically modernized, and in getting there, will continue to stress safety as our number one priority.

Water Reclamation

Kelso-Burnett has successfully performed project installations in water reclamation and heavy industrial areas throughout the greater Chicago area. Kelso-Burnett prides itself on the ability to design, assist, engineer, install, and commission installations ranging from Medium voltage to low voltage. We are pioneers at the forefront of new technology being applied to the industrial arena. Kelso-Burnett has a track record of safely completing some of the most challenging installations in harsh environments.

Conveyor Systems / Package Movement

We continuously work on a wide variety of Industrial projects, conveyor, and package movement systems, locally, and around the country. We have completed many projects from package handling, and relocation of industrial equipment, to upgrading industrial automation controls. We work hand in hand with the plant managers, electrical integrators, and programmers to ensure all their expectations and planned schedules are achieved. All the while ensuring a high level of safety and work efficiency.


We understand the importance of welfare and safety within your healthcare facilities. That’s why many of the most trusted names in healthcare rely on Kelso-Burnett for high-quality services ranging from expansions and renovations to a variety of voltage installations. From hospitals to assisted living complexes, we are proud to provide service to a growing number of healthcare facilities across the region.

Renewable Energy

To Come


Our experience, quality and professionalism have earned us the opportunity to work on several of the most recognized projects for Illinois’ vital institutions. Our services range from the construction of new facilities to the renovation and remodeling of existing structures. Our awareness of managing high-profile institutions is a top priority, along with providing a safe environment for others.

energy solutions

We continue to help customers access affordable, clean energy. Using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics (solar panels), solar thermal energy and solar architecture, Kelso-Burnett is helping pave the way to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Areas of Expertise

• Commercial Photovoltaic Systems
• Industrial Photovoltaic Systems
• Utility Scale Photovoltaic Systems
• Photovoltaic System Design & Engineering
• Commissioning & Testing
• Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)
• Conceptual Budgeting
• Construction Management
• Electrical System Design

Operations & Maintenance

• Scheduled Inspection & Preventative Maintenance
• Emergency Maintenance and Repair

Tenant Interiors

Many renowned organizations have confidently chosen Kelso-Burnett to carry out their interior projects based on our reliable reputation as well as the level of modern technology we bring to each job. We continue to assist companies with their interiors, from headquarters and office buildouts to tenant renovations, and more.

Data Centers

When it comes to cutting-edge technology, Kelso-Burnett offers the services you need to keep your data center up to speed. Our services range from data center design/build to expansions and remodeling, with many other options in between. As a company, we are well known for building and enhancing data centers across Chicagoland.